Consultant Network

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Riverbend Group maintains a network of consultants and other professionals who specialize in a variety of areas other than attorney placement and law firm consulting, in addition to a network of legal consultants focused on geographical and specialty areas not currently covered to the same degree by Riverbend. If we are unable to assist you directly, we can often draw upon the numerous relationships we have developed over nearly three decades with a diverse array of other highly qualified professionals, and refer you to someone ideally situated to address your needs.

These affiliated search consultants and other professionals specialize in areas such as human resources, finance and accounting, real estate, employee benefits, public relations, law firm marketing and administration, large-scale corporate outplacement, trade associations and other non-profit organizations, attorney and executive coaching and professional development, paralegal and temporary attorney placement, financial planning, tax advice and preparation, business formation, legal ethics, professional web site design, computer/network maintenance and repair, secure on-line data storage, and many others. Along with the attorney recruiting specialists in our network, these consulting specialists and other experts have been selected according to their high level of training, extensive knowledge of their fields and markets, successful track records and reputations in their respective industries, and superior ethical standards.

In situations where we refer you to another member of our informal network of professionals, Riverbend Group’s policies are designed to protect your confidentiality to the maximum extent possible. Unlike many other executive search firms which maintain similar referral networks, Riverbend Group will never share confidential information with any other recruiter or search firm without the employer’s or candidate’s express permission and knowledge. Accordingly, since your confidentiality is absolutely assured, you can feel completely comfortable discussing your various options with a Riverbend consultant before determining which course of action is best for you.

Note: If you are a consultant yourself in a related area and your standards and manner of conducting business are similar to those of Riverbend Group – or if you can recommend any such consultant or company with whom you have had an extremely positive experience – please see the sub-page labeled “Join Our Consultant Network” under the “Contact Us” page heading. We greatly appreciate any referrals of high-quality service providers whose expertise may enhance our ability to satisfy the needs of our clients, candidates and others.