Executive Search

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Executive search is one of Riverbend Group’s two primary areas of specialization (the other being representation of highly-marketable attorneys and other candidates in their confidential job searches). Riverbend Group’s founding principal, Paul Heldenbrand, Esq., has more than thirty years of experience conducting confidential executive search assignments in a variety of industries and geographical locations.

Riverbend Group’s main area of concentration in conducting confidential, directed executive searches is on the attorney market, with a particular focus on the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore metropolitan area. However, as noted on our welcome page and in the “About Us” and “Non-Legal Areas” descriptions, we are often able to take on projects in other substantive and geographical areas as well; and, when we can’t handle a project ourselves, we will always do our best to refer you to someone else who can.

Riverbend Group conducts both retained and contingency executive searches. Whether a retainer is required depends on a variety of factors. The basic elements of the two types of searches are the same, although there may be significant differences in terms of the agreed time commitment, exclusivity of candidates, nature and length of periodic written progress reports provided, and other factors.

The process in both situations begins with the taking of a detailed job order, either by telephone or face-to-face with the client representative(s). The Riverbend consultant then conducts extensive research to identify the top potential candidates and develops a marketing plan designed to attract those potential candidates. Calls are made (typically over a period of several weeks or even months) to each person on the target list, as well as to each new highly-qualified potential candidate whose name is mentioned by those on the initial list of names. A detailed internal data sheet is completed by the Riverbend consultant for each qualified person who expresses an interest in the client’s opportunity.

Either at the end of the cold-calling phase or at various stages along the way, a profile of each recruited person is provided to the client. This profile, which describes the candidate in every relevant respect but does not identify the candidate, may be provided either orally or in writing. The Riverbend consultant and the client employer then discuss each candidate’s experience, education, motivations, employment history, reputation, references and/or written employer evaluations (if available), potential client conflicts and recusal issues, etc., along with the consultant’s impressions of the candidate’s personality and other attributes as they relate to the position requirements, in order to determine together whether the candidate should be granted an interview by the employer.

Next, the Riverbend consultant, who will normally have obtained the respective candidates’ permission in advance to do so, confidentially identifies and arranges interviews for those candidates whose backgrounds are of greatest interest to the client. The consultant at this point also provides the client with any additional supporting information that is available with regard to each candidate, such as a résumé and/or professional biography, list of representative matters (i.e., “deal list” or list of cases), writing samples, etc.

After the initial interviews have taken place, the Riverbend consultant continues to manage every aspect of the interviewing and hiring process. This includes collecting, exchanging and evaluating feedback from both the employer and the candidates; arranging follow-up interviews where appropriate; helping both the employer and the candidates evaluate the “match” and address an array of issues that typically arise; conducting reference checks and performing other due diligence; advising the employer on compensation and related matters with respect to each viable candidate; extending any offer(s) to be made by the employer, and closing the candidate(s); helping the hired candidate through the resignation and counteroffer process; and following up periodically with both the employer and the hired candidate to assure a smooth transition, both leading up to and following the candidate’s start date.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss any important attorney or other senior level need(s) your firm, corporation or other organization may have, or to call us with any questions. Please click on the “Contact Us” link above to find out how to reach a Riverbend Group consultant.