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Riverbend Group information: Additional information about Riverbend Group, LLC is available at various other locations on the Internet. The company and/or its owner, Paul Heldenbrand, have profiles on the following executive search, social networking and other websites: (Riverbend Group executive search firm profile):
Better Business Bureau (Riverbend Group company listing & rating):
Referral Key:
Skype name: attorneyrecruiter (videoconferences by appointment only)
Kennedy Directory of Executive Recruiters (paid online membership required; enter “Riverbend Group”):
Greater Mt. Airy (Maryland) Chamber of Commerce (company listing):
Martindale-Hubbell attorney bio:
AVVO attorney bio:
University of Pennsylvania Law School Alumni (paid membership required): (free or paid membership required):

Please feel free to connect with or follow us on any of the above-listed networking sites by sending a request via any connection link that may be provided on the site. We will respond to all legitimate connection requests at our earliest opportunity. Please note that most of the above web sites require membership, although in most cases joining is free for those who are otherwise qualified to become members. (subsidiary of Riverbend Group, LLC):

Career and salary information:

(Wall Street Journal Executive Career Site)
(career planning site with salary calculator and other tools)

Bar examination and membership information: (District of Columbia) (Maryland) (Virginia) (New York)
(Pennsylvania) (California) (ABA list of all state bar admission offices)

Moving and relocation information:

(everything related to moving, including cost calculator)
(moving, mortgage and insurance quotes and other information)
(moving services and quotes and detailed moving checklist)

(moving tips and checklists and apartment finder)
(U.S. Post Office official change of address form) (truck and trailer rentals, moving supplies, self-storage, etc.)
(change of address form, other moving services)
(guide to finding an apartment and moving)
(over 1.8 million rental listings nationwide)
(best places to live; includes cost-of-living calculator)
(personalized “best places to live” locator site)

(all sorts of relocation-related information)
(checklist of whom to notify when moving)

Travel and map sites:

(true stories about people who brought about their own demise in idiotic ways; some off-color factual situations)

(web site and associated blog dedicated to encouraging everyone to read, write and share poetry)
See Paul’s feeble attempt at poetry (“Kenai River in July” – submitted to PoetSpeak following a successful Alaska fly-fishing trip in June 2006):
See also the two much better examples of River Poetry which appear under that heading on the “What’s New” page above.

(“Bend of the River” – 1952 Western with James Stewart and Rock Hudson; I have no idea whether this movie is any good, but the name fits the theme of this website, and it has some big-name actors in it!)

River and watershed protection organizations:
(initiative sponsored by the Alice Ferguson Foundation to clean up the Potomac River Watershed by 2013)
(leading national river protection organization founded in 1973, with more than 65,000 members and supporters nationwide dedicated to promoting healthy rivers through national advocacy, innovative solutions and a growing network of strategic partners)

Other charitable and community service opportunities:
Children’s National Medical Center (Washington, DC):
(monetary donations) (Blood Donor Center; for information about blood donation or to make an appointment, call 202-476-KIDS and ask to speak with a Blood Donor Recruiter.)

Free Resume Critique:
Jack Stevens Resumes [link to be repaired soon]