Methodology & Ethics

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Exemplary ethics and our confidential, time-proven methodology are hallmarks of Riverbend Group´s business model, and are two areas in which Riverbend Group truly stands out from the competition. We specialize in recruiting and representing currently employed attorneys and other professionals who are among the very best in their respective fields; accordingly, scrupulously maintaining confidentiality and insisting that others with whom we interact do the same is absolutely critical to our success.

While many other “executive search firms” (really employment agencies, for the most part) simply collect résumés — often by running advertisements or posting positions on Internet job boards — and then supply them en masse and indiscriminately to prospective employers, Riverbend´s policies strictly forbid the sending of any candidate´s résumé to any employer until a Riverbend consultant has discussed the candidate´s background with the employer to determine whether the employer has a serious interest in the candidate.

Riverbend´s methodology of profiling candidates and discussing their relevant credentials with employers not only protects the confidentiality of employed candidates, but also allows the Riverbend consultant to fully vet any client conflict, compensation, relocation or other issues with the employer before divulging the candidate´s identity. We apply this methodology in every situation, with every candidate and every employer — even our most trusted client employers. Our clients have come to understand that they benefit in a very significant way from this approach: By conscientiously protecting the confidentiality of each candidate we represent, we not only allow currently employed candidates to safely discuss exciting job opportunities with pre-qualified and genuinely interested potential employers, but also allow those employers access to candidates with whom they would otherwise simply not have the ability to discuss both the benefits of joining their company or firm and the specific career opportunity offered by a particular available position.

Similarly, throughout the process of our taking on a search assignment from an employer and conducting the search, any confidentiality concerns of the employer are treated with the utmost respect by Riverbend Group´s consultants. We also emphasize the importance of any such concerns the employer may have to candidates who interview with the employer, to ensure that any sensitive information shared by the employer during the interview process is kept completely confidential.

Finally, one inviolable Riverbend Group policy serves as a key benchmark of our company´s ethical values: While some competitors may at least occasionally “put people in the front door and take them out the back door,” Riverbend will NEVER attempt to recruit a candidate we have placed (or even try to place the person in another position at his or her request) as long as the person remains in the position in which he or she was placed. This policy even extends to candidates placed in the past by Riverbend Group consultants in any of those consultants’ prior executive search company positions. To have a contrary policy would be to violate the basic relationship of trust that we feel it is vitally important to maintain with employers who utilize our services, as well as with the candidates we represent.