Outplacement Assistance

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As a result of Riverbend Group’s extensive experience representing highly-qualified and marketable candidates to potential employers (see the “Candidate Representation” page under the “Services“ heading above), Riverbend consultants have in-depth knowledge regarding how to best “package” candidates and highlight their relevant experience in a way that increases their likelihood of getting quick and positive responses from serious employers.

Applying this basic knowledge and Riverbend Group’s time-proven marketing and candidate preparation techniques, Riverbend’s consultants can effectively help your organization downsize to the extent needed by providing helpful assistance to executives, managers and other employees whose positions have become redundant, overly costly, or otherwise unnecessary.

As a valuable component of the overall severance package offered by your organization to such employees, Riverbend’s wide selection of available outplacement services can assure that both the organization’s and its employees’ goals are met. By facilitating the affected employees’ timely transition to new positions with employers better able to utilitze their skills, Riverbend can significantly reduce your organization’s payroll, benefits and other employee-related costs. At the same time, your company or firm will be providing a very effective, personal and much-appreciated benefit to those employees and their families.

Organizations of all sizes can benefit by procuring Riverbend Group’s standard outplacement services on behalf of their displaced employees. Riverbend consultants have provided such services (which include assistance with résumé, cover letter and business plan preparation, career counseling, development of targeted self-marketing campaigns, interview preparation and follow-up, career networking tips, etc.) to “downsized” employees of organizations ranging from mid-sized law firms to a giant international telecommunications company. We can also tailor our services to fit the needs and budget of virtually any organization, as well as the needs of its affected employees.

To find out what we can do for your organization, please click on the “Contact Us” page above and either call or e-mail us with your questions. We look forward to discussing our diverse array of outplacement counseling and consulting services with you.