Specialty Domains

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In addition to providing a variety of executive search and human resources consulting services, Riverbend Group, LLC also owns over one thousand .com, .net and other web domain names, most of which are available for purchase through our subsidiary company, SpecialtyDomains.com. These carefully-selected domain names relate to a diverse mix of subject matters, including executive search, law practice (including various legal specialty areas), health care and medical practice, real estate, accounting, financial planning, investing, Internet and home-based businesses, retail sales, sports and outdoor recreation, travel and entertainment, education, consulting, contests and lotteries, computers, formation of business entities, consumer and mortgage lending, and other subjects.

Many of these domain names are available in pairs or groups. Following are just a few examples:

Legal specialty areas (ERISA): erisaexperts.com, erisalawexperts.com, erisalitigationattorneys.com, erisalitigationlawyers.com, erisaspecialists.com, benefitslawyers.net, benefitslawspecialists.com, benefitslawfirm.com, employeebenefitsfirm.com, employeebenefitslawfirm.com, etc.

Legal specialty areas (tax and tax controversy): taxdisputelawyers.com, taxdisputecounsel.com, taxlawadvising.com, ustaxlawadvisors.com, internationaltaxdisputes.com, federaltaxdisputes.com, transferpricingexperts.com, irscontroversies.com, irstaxcontroversies.com, irsauditsupport.com, trustedtaxadvisors.com, taxlawexperts.us, federaltaxlawadvice.com, federaltaxlawyers.us, foreigntaxplanning.com, foreigntaxdisputes.com, etc.;

Legal recruiting: associatelawjobs.com and partnerlawjobs.com; attorney-recruiting.com, attorney-recruiters.com, attorneyrecruiting.us, legalrecruiting.us, legalsearchconsulting.com, legalrecruitingfirm.com, etc.; lateralassociates.com and lateralcounsel.com; inhouselawjobs.com, inhouselegaljobs.com, inhousecounseljobs.com, inhousecounseljobs.us, corporatelawjobs.com, corporatelegaljobs.com, corporatecounseljobs.com, generalcounseljobs.net, etc.

Financial recruiting: taxexecutivesearch.com, taxrecruiter.net, taxlawrecruiter.com, taxlawrecruiters.com, taxlawrecruiting.com, toptaxjobs.com, taxexecutiverecruiting.com, taxexecutiverecruiters.com, etc.; accountantrecruiting.com, accountingexecutivesearch.com, taxaccountingsearch.com, taxaccountantsearch.com, cparecruitingfirm.com, etc.

Executive outplacementoutplacementconsulting.com, executiveoutplacement.net and outplacementspecialists.com; attorneyoutplacement.com and lawyeroutplacement.com; etc.

Real estatevafarmland.com and wvfarmland.com; foreclosedfarmsforsale.com, foreclosedranchandfarmland.com, foreclosedpropertysales.net and foreclosedpropertieslist.net; riverfrontpropertysales.com and lakefrontpropertysales.com; greenconstructionexperts.com, greendesignbuildexperts.com, greendesignexperts.net, greendesignconcepts.net, greendesignandbuilding.com, greendesignandbuild.net, etc.

Fly-fishing: fly-cast.com, flycastingfanatic.com, flycasting-lessons.com, flycastlessons.com, etc; fly-fisherman.net, fly-fisherman.usfly-fish.us, flyfishingfanatic.net, etc.; alaska-flyfishing.net, alaska-flyfisherman.com, alaskaflyfisherman.net, alaskanrainbowfishing.com, alaskarainbowfishing.net, bestalaskanfishing.com, bestalaskafishing.info, etc.; hookedontrout.com, hookedontrout.net, hookedonsalmon.net, etc.

Most web hosting plans allow the owner of a primary domain to use a certain number of additional domain names as redirecting domains or “pointers,” often for no additional annual hosting fee. For example, if you reached this site by entering “www.attorneyhiring.com,” “www.lawyerplacements.com,” “www.dclawyerjobs.com,” “www.dclegalsearch.com” or some other generic web site name in your browser, you were automatically redirected to this site by one of Riverbend’s many pointer domains. Similarly, no matter what your firm’s or company’s primary web address may be, you can greatly increase traffic to that site by utilizing pointer names that relate to specific key words or subject matters of interest to your potential clients or customers.

Perhaps you landed on this site or the SpecialtyDomains.com website through a key word search that led you to one of our many pointer domain names. If so, that domain name and quite possibly numerous similar names may be available for purchase through SpecialtyDomains.com. If you have questions regarding available domain names and pricing, please contact us by e-mail at info@specialtydomains.com, or by telephone at either 410.489.7600 or the toll-free number listed on the SpecialtyDomains.com web site. We look forward to helping you with your professional and other specialty domain needs.